An Exciting New Academic Project

During the past few weeks, I spent a lot of my time reading and analysing Mortimer Adler’s ‘How to read a book’ which is a touchstone of a book. As simple as the title might appear, the book teaches the readers what reading really is, the different levels of reading as well as the different reading techniques that someone could learn. Since I am about to start university, I thought of a new project that I wanted to try out and possibly gain success. In this blog post, I will briefly outline what the project is as well as the goals of the project.

To put it simply, in his book, Mortimer Adler explains the 4 different levels of reading. These include Elementary, Inspectional, Analytical and Synoptical. All of these different levels of reading are synonymous to one another. The book explains, with examples, how to read using these different methods as well as the importance of applying these various methods into your reading habits.

What Is The Project and what does it include?

The project is one I randomly thought about at night. Its a simple logical question of how could I become an expert reader and apply these reading techniques to my ICT degree? Then from there, I could branch out to see if I could apply any of these reading techniques to other sciences which I am studying in my life. It is an exciting project because through this project: I could become a highly educated, well-read and well-versed individual. The project is only beginning now and what makes it more interesting is that it really has a lot of potentials to grow and it could last for decades or even longer than that. I am 20 as I write this now and I am looking forward to seeing where this project will go.

What is the next step?

For now, I am going to spend a lot of my reading time completing my first reading of Adler’s book. For my blog page, my short term plan and goal is to write many blog posts where I explain the content of Adler’s book. As of right now, I know the next 10 blog posts on this website will be about an explanation of his book. As I continue past those next 10 posts, I know there is a high possibility of me writing more blog posts about Adler’s book or maybe even writing about a different topic.

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