Kenya Suspiciously Pulls Out of Court Hearing Over Somalia’s Sea Border at the Last Second

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It has been confirmed by multiple sources that Kenya will not attend Monday’s hearing over the border dispute between Somalia and Kenya at the international court of justice. At the last minute, Kenya suspiciously pulled out leaving the world to question why?

For people who aren’t aware of this diplomatic row, Somalia argues its maritime boundary should run in the same direction as the southeasterly path of the country’s land border. However, Kenya claims the border should take a roughly 45-degree turn at the shoreline and run in a latitudinal line. The disputed area – about 100,000 square kilometres – is said to be rich in oil and gas, with both countries accusing each other of auctioning off blocks before a ruling by the court.

Somalia argues that since the area runs alongside the southeasterly path of the country then this area clearly belongs to them. Traditionally and historically this has always been the case.

Map Showing The Maritime Border Dispute | Kenya’s Border Claim Appears Far Fetched

Kenya’s Legal Team have said that they want to brief the ICJ on Monday 30 minutes before the hearing will begin.

A few months ago the President of Somalia, Farmaajo, cut ties with Kenya after he accused them of funding terrorist groups (like Al Shabaab) to cause chaos to the country.

Somalia also accuses Kenya of interfering in it’s internal affairs by funding and backing the administration of the Jubbaland region against the federal government.

Kenya, however, denies these claims and says that they are allies in the fight against the extremist fanatical group Al-Shabaab. Somalia remain unconvinced.

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