Suez Canal Blockage Disrupts World Trade!!!


A logistical nightmare has occurred as more than 10% of the worlds trade travels through the Suez canal. The Suez canal links Europe, Asia and Africa. However since Tuesday, the Suez canal has been completely blocked.

The nightmare occurred after a huge cargo ship ran aground. this one problem of this vessel will completely effect everyone’s lives.

This is because of the fact that countries across the globe trade through the Suez canal. For example, China supplies semi-conductors and smartphones, India supplies footwear and clothes, Asian factories supply automobiles and Japan supplies batteries amongst other things.

All of these countries rely on the Suez canal to trade their products with the rest of the world. Furthermore, the Suez canal also supplies the world with natural gas as well as oils.

This section is incredibly important as for example in 2019 the Suez canal had 19,000 vessels travelling through the section. This is an average of 50 ships a day. Right now, more than 200 vessels are waiting at both ends of the canal but they won’t be able to move until the Evergreen ship is moved out of the way.

Birds eye view of the Evergreen ship

Unfortunately, the Evergreen ship can’t be moved out of the way and it remains stuck across the Suez canal. Salvage crews have been working 24/7 trying to ensure that they can find a way to move the stubborn ship out of its current predicament.

The current strategy for salvage crews is to dig sand out from under the ship and salvage crews, alongside the world are hoping that eventually a high tide will come and move the ship out and set it free. As of now however, it remains stuck.

The United States has offered to help the Egyptians get the Evergreen ship out of its current predicament, however, until that moment all other ships have no other choice but to go the long way around to get their items and products traded. This will mean that they will have to go all the way around the continent of Africa and travel 4,000 extra miles.


The journey around Africa will be lengthy, costly and even potentially dangerous. On top of that, the journey around Africa will take 2 weeks for all the cargo ships. Hundreds of thousands of extra dollars will go into the fuel costs of these journeys. Furthermore, battling pirates across the African continent will be a dangerous journey.

Lastly, the environmental factor is also dangerous as well since the extra journey across Africa will mean that the ships will emit more green house gases into the atmosphere.

The world has to wait until this Suez canal block can be dealt with.

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