A Breakdown of The Current Vaccine Crises in Europe


Over the past few weeks there has been total confusion about what has been going on with the distribution of the vaccines within Europe. So this article will briefly analyze where did the current crises begin from and what is happening at the moment.

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The Story So Far

Previously many countries didn’t trust the new AstraZeneca vaccination which was released by the UK and subsequently banned it. The Netherlands wasn’t the only country to do this rather they followed Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Bulgaria and Congo.

However, The World Health Organization disagreed and said that there is no indication of a link between the use of the vaccine and side affects like blood clots. However, with that being said, seven countries have went on to completely ban the vaccination anyway. AstraZeneca have the numbers by their side as 17 million vaccinations have been given out and yet fewer than 40 cases have appeared where patients had blood clots.

What is happening now?

It appears that the Netherlands allowed the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the country after facing pressure from within and out of the country. Critics accused Germany and the Netherlands of playing politics rather than allowing their citizens of taking the vaccine.

Soon after, however, the blood clot cases returned and in some cases (7 people in the UK) there were blood clot deaths. From there the Netherlands once again paused the use of the AstraZeneca vaccination within their country.

Now there are 30 blood clot cases in the UK alone with other Dutch citizens reporting their symptoms on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Critics have once again criticized the Netherlands of not allowing all their citizens of using the vaccination accusing the Netherlands of “political pholly” but the Dutch government don’t appear to be interested in these criticisms.

As a person living in the Netherlands now I can definitely say that citizens are growing frustrated with lockdown and do want change however they do appear to have mixed views with regards to the use of the AstraZeneca vaccination.

Frustrations of the Dutch government can also be seen as the current Dutch PM, Mark Rutte, barely won his vote of no confidence which is strange since this hasn’t happened to him before.

The EU released a statement from EU Medicine stating that the AstraZeneca vaccine was safe to use. Moreover, the AstraZeneca team themselves have released statistics showing how blood clots are incredibly unlikely.

All the world can do now is wait until this issue is resolved within European countries. This definitely does mean that citizens of countries like the Netherlands will have to wait longer until they can get vaccinated.

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