A Brief Look Into Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the new technology that is beginning to dominate the world. In fact the Putin, the leader of Russia, famously stated that “whoever controls artificial intelligence will rule the world”. Although we don’t know if that statement of his is true, one thing we do know is that artificial intelligence is changing ourContinue reading “A Brief Look Into Artificial Intelligence”

On UX – (Technology, User Experience)

Favourite Products PayPal Figure 1(Image Source: https://in.pcmag.com/old-mobile-payment-apps/81728/paypal) PayPal is my first example of my favourite mobile app because of the good user experience I have had with it. This is because of the visibility of the system status. PayPal is easy to use and consistent for the user. As a result, the predictable interactions thatContinue reading “On UX – (Technology, User Experience)”

In-between Two Difficult Decisions | The True Nature of Politics

A lot of people don’t seem to understand that being a leader is one of the most (if not most) difficult job in the world. Politicians come face to face with reality and make decisions that require a considerable amount of courage and patience. Furthermore the majority of people would not be able to handleContinue reading “In-between Two Difficult Decisions | The True Nature of Politics”

Somalia’s Tribalism Controversy: Addressing Difficult Issues

For centuries the land of Somalia has been a land rules with the tribal system. The tribal system has dictated Somali politics from its days of independence to the civil war to now. After the recent civil war in Somalia, where tribalism played a key role, Somalis across the globe are beginning to have conversationsContinue reading “Somalia’s Tribalism Controversy: Addressing Difficult Issues”

Why is History Important?

History has always been a fundamental subject that everyone has come across during their lives. As humans we live in the present moment and we constantly think about the future. How do we navigate through our future without making terrible mistakes? How do we arrive where we are now? Who will tell us what hasContinue reading “Why is History Important?”

The Importance of Fantasy

Fantasy is one of the most common genres that people read. Perhaps one of the first ever books that you have ever might have been a fantasy book. Due to television adaptations (like HBO’s adaptation of Game of Thrones) and many other films over the years, the fantasy genre has become a huge part ofContinue reading “The Importance of Fantasy”

The Secret to Reading Consistently

Recently I began a new reading schedule which allowed me to start reading consistently again. In the past, I would read for hours daily and keep that momentum up for months. However, after suffering from an academic burn-out, I lost the ability to do that. However, my recent changes have allowed me to rebuild myContinue reading “The Secret to Reading Consistently”

How to Get Over an Academic Burn-Out

For around 2 years, I was suffering from an academic burn-out without even realising it. That was a real shame because, at times, I thought that something might have been wrong with me since I felt ‘off’. Of course, it is important to tell loved ones about the state of your mental health however, sometimes,Continue reading “How to Get Over an Academic Burn-Out”

An Exciting New Academic Project

During the past few weeks, I spent a lot of my time reading and analysing Mortimer Adler’s ‘How to read a book’ which is a touchstone of a book. As simple as the title might appear, the book teaches the readers what reading really is, the different levels of reading as well as the differentContinue reading “An Exciting New Academic Project”

Illiterate Despite Being Literate

A wise person once said the definition of being literate is the ability to understand everything you read and the ability to articulate your thoughts. Unfortunately, in our time, people generally assume that they are all literate because they could literally read and write. In this paper, I will discuss whether or not someone couldContinue reading “Illiterate Despite Being Literate”