Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

On UX – (Technology, User Experience)

Favourite Products PayPal Figure 1(Image Source: PayPal is my first example of my favourite mobile app because of the good user experience I have had with it. This is because of the visibility of the system status. PayPal is easy to use and consistent for the user. As a result, the predictable interactions thatContinue reading “On UX – (Technology, User Experience)”

Somalia’s Tribalism Controversy: Addressing Difficult Issues

For centuries the land of Somalia has been a land rules with the tribal system. The tribal system has dictated Somali politics from its days of independence to the civil war to now. After the recent civil war in Somalia, where tribalism played a key role, Somalis across the globe are beginning to have conversationsContinue reading “Somalia’s Tribalism Controversy: Addressing Difficult Issues”


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