Focused On Learning

This blog is dedicated for anyone who sees the true value of education. For many of us, we go through life not knowing how truly blessed we are to be to read and write. One glimpse at history and one would realize that millions of people were illiterate and at times it was seen as something normal.

Reading Is Magical

The whole process of reading is something that we often don’t think about. You could pick up a book from hundreds of years ago and gain access to the inner most private thoughts of a dead author and bring his/her words back to life. Knowledge is timeless. Knowledge is a weapon, a map to help you get through life which can be found in books. Libraries are a magical place once you take the atmosphere of it in.

We all felt alive as children reading a book together with the rest of the class during primary. Somehow most of us lost touch with books somewhere in our teen years and never gain that connection again.

What Is The Purpose Of This Blog?

Some of us will only read specific books after that, books that will ensure that we pass our exams. So we associate reading with stressful revision in our lives. In reality, reading is one of life’s best pleasures and the purpose of this blog is to share what I have learnt as well as the benefits of reading as much as I can, for as long as I can.

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